Wanna listen to my greatness? I'm the afternoon guy; yeah, I'm that cool:
2p-6p Weekdays

You like-a the punk-a?
11pm-1am Saturday/Sunday nights

Wanna talk to a real live radio star?!
E-mail me!

My e-mail manifesto:
I promise, in absence of girls, booze, and monster trucks, and booze, that I will respond to all pertinent e-mails I receive from my adoring legions with in twelve (12) hours of receipt. You take the time to show some love, and I will too.

The Same Eight Questions We Always Ask:

1-NAME: The World Famous Tristan

2-HOMETOWN: The mean streets on Morro Bay. I’m reppin’ three stacks and a rock hardcore ‘till I die…. Or move away.

3-THREE FAVORITE MOVIES: Aladdin (This has always been my favorite movie. Screw you! At least I’m secure enough in my masculinity to like a kids movie, queer.)
Boondock Saints
So I Married An Axe Murderer (webmasters note: we said three, he gives us four. Typical Tristan.)

4-THREE FAVORITE BANDS: (These change from week to week)
Reel Big Fish
Quannum Spectrum
Dead Prez

McCarthy’s – Cause you never know when you are gonna need to get into a fight.
Marty’s – Cause everyone likes to go to a bar where they all know your name.
The Buoy – Cause sometimes you need to go to a bar where no one knows your name and you can drop peanut shells on the floor… and dignity

1. Tiffany Amber Theissen: we would need to repopulate the island, and she’s wanted me for years now.
2. Really nice boat: to get the hell off the island when I’m tired of Tiffany, plus who doesn’t want a really nice boat.
3. Genie in a bottle; for when 1 and 2 don’t pan out.

The Rams: I’ve liked them since I was a kid and they were in LA. Now they suck and I stick with them because I have a overbearing sense of pride

–and speaking of pride—

The San Luis Obispo High School Tigers: my HS and I’ve got love for where I come from
CALPOLY Mustangs – still go there and will ‘till I die.

BEER OR DRINK OF CHOICE: The Gimlet: It’s made with top self Gin, ice, and Rose’s sweetened condensed lime juice. That’s it. And it’s better than your drink. Period.