The Punk Show

Wait a minute… New Rock has a punk show?
Damn right. You can catch us every Saturday night from 11p-1a. Two hours of punk music and three idiots pretending they know what the hell they're talking about.

Please send all requests, comments, complaints and free liquor to

Who to blame for this mess….
A fun fact about your host…

Tristan: knows absolutely nothing about punk music. But he does bring us beer every week, so he's totally on the show.

So who likes what?

Tristan's top 5 bands:

Backstreet Boys (whatever, you know you sing along)
Black Sabbath
Bad Religion
Reel Big Fish

The History Behind The Punk Show

Sometime in 2005 the idea came about that we should do a punk show. In November of 2005 this dream became a reality when The Punk Show made it's drunken debut on New Rock. We now have a new excuse as to why we're not uhhh getting any. You know, because we have to work. And stuff.

stuff you need to know about
Beer – This is pretty obvious.
The Webtender –  Mmmm mixy drinkies
Fat Wreck Chords
Punk Planet
Maximum Rock N' Roll

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