SLO City Council Votes Down Ban on Outdoor Marijuana Grows

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted 4-1 to reject an ordinance banning outdoor medical marijuana grows. The proposed ordinance also banned mobile medical marijuana operations and allowed for indoor grows that were inside 50 square feet of space. About 50 people spoke in public comment for over three hours, with an overwhelming majority against the ordinance.

The ordinance was brought before the council after neighbors complained of a large outdoor grow operation near Leff and Nipomo Street causing a constant stench of weed, higher traffic, and fear of crime. The neighbors also said that a nearby daycare center was shut down because of the weed smell. The growers eventually removed the plants. The city council said the ordinance went too far in penalizing medical marijuana growers who are not a problem for neighbors, and that a better ordinance would be to deal with problem growers on a nuisance level. City Council Member Dan Carpenter supported the ordinance. He said it is illegal on the federal level and therefore the council cannot legislate against the federal government.