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SLO Police to Focus on Distracted Drivers


San Luis Obispo Police to focus next month on distracted drivers. The department deploying extra traffic enforcement officers on four days in April to stop distracted driving. The police say that using an electronic device while driving is a serious safety problem. In 2013, more than three thousand people were killed nationwide in crashes involving a distracted driver.

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Minimum Wage in California Could Cost Taxpayers


Increasing the minimum wage in California would eventually cost taxpayers $3.6 billion dollars a year in higher pay for government employees.  That’s what non-partisan legislative analysts determine. Yesterday, a state assembly gave initial approval to boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. Researchers say Latinos would benefit most because they hold a disproportionate number of low-wage jobs. …

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Snowpack in Sierra Better Than Last Year


The snowpack in the Sierra is better than last year, but a state surveyor says that if falls far below what is necessary to declare an end to the drought. Frank Gerke says there were more than 58 inches of snow on the ground yesterday. 26 inches of water content. He says that’s just short of average for the date, …

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Paso Pops Concert to be Held July 2nd


A new Fourth of July event kicks off with a gathering of supporters and the media at the new Ayres Allegreto Hotel Resort in Paso Robles yesterday. The event with the San Luis Obispo County Symphony to be held Saturday, July 2nd at the new Paso Robles horse park off Airport Road in Paso Robles. Proceeds from Paso Pops benefit …

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Santa Maria Man Reaches Cycling Goal


A Santa Maria man reaches his goal of riding 90,000 miles on his bicycle before his 92nd birthday. Bob Mettauer started cycling after he retired in 1991. Bicycle Bob says he also lifts weights, bowls and takes a protein supplement, Knox Gellatin.

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Today in Sports


The Cal Poly Mustang baseball team preparing for a home series this weekend against San Jose State. The Mustangs coming off a ten game road trip and Tuesday night’s win over Cal State Bakersfield. The first game is tomorrow at six at Baggett Stadium. Yesterday in high school baseball, Arroyo Grande split a double header at a tournament in Riverside. …

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Trial Getting Underway for Manslaughter Case


The trial gets underway for two former prison guards who allegedly killed a man outside a San Miguel bar 18 months ago. Sergio Aranda and Travis Wolf charged with manslaughter in the death of a San Miguel Vineyard manager. Alvaro Medrano orchestrated the fight outside the Elk Horn bar. He called for friends and co-workers to join him at the …

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Six Gang Members Arrested in Santa Maria


Six gang members arrested early yesterday morning in Santa Maria. Police say the operation covered 20 locations in Santa Maria. It targeted known gang members on probation and those with outstanding warrants. Their ages range from 16 and up. Police operations like the one yesterday will continue through the year in Santa Maria.

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Car Crashes into Insurance Business Office Injuring Four


The driver of an SUV crashed his vehicle into a Santa Maria insurance business yesterday injuring four people. 81-year-old Marciano Escutia was trying to cross South Broadway from South Jones Street early yesterday afternoon. He failed to yield to a Mercedes-Benz. The two vehicles collided, sending the Mercedes into a tree and the Suburban into Cruz Insurance. No one inside …

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Bullet Train Cost Just Went Up


The cost of California’s Bullet Train just went up. The rail authority faces hundreds of millions of dollars in potential change orders and other possible cost increases on the first 29 miles of the bullet train. The change orders and other claims coming from construction firms, utilities and railroads. It may increase estimates by 30%. The entire system estimated to …

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